Elementary School

Fine Arts are integrated into the curriculum and explored in complement with the ideas and investigations from the PYP units of inquiry across all grades in elementary.

Students engage in inquiry about art beliefs and values.   What is Art?  What is beauty?  Why do people create?  What counts as good?  Through gallery walks, exhibitions and guest artists, students are exposed to many potential answers and are asked to evaluate these responses with criteria they have developed.

Students at each grade level are given the opportunity to develop their technical ability through a variety of two and three-dimensional media.  Children are encouraged to use materials and techniques to express ideas and feelings and, most importantly, to be inventive and creative, finding ways to achieve their goals as they achieve their individual goals.

Various techniques and media from both Turkish culture and foreign cultures are explored such as Ebru/ marbling, ceramics, or Chinese ink painting.  In keeping with our Eco School philosophy students also use recyclables for sculpture and design posters and t-shirts promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.

Exhibitions and presentations happen in and out of class throughout the year.  Our annual Festival of the Arts in April exhibits artwork created throughout the year by all BLIS students, from our youngest students to our oldest.

Middle School

Middle School is a time for exploration and self-discovery.  Within an environment based on respect and trust, students develop an appreciation and understanding of the value of Fine Arts in different cultures throughout history.  Students explore their creativity, expression and develop their imaginations while utilizing the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  Each year students will build upon their skill level with exposure to different mediums.  Learning happens in classrooms, museums and with local artists.

In Art classes students experience a variety of media, techniques, skills and processes. Students work from imagination, observation, and demonstration.  While learning subject specific language students develop the skills of self-reflection and self-evaluation as part of this process.  Students become more familiar at using visuals to express meaning and ideas through their own work and by studying works from different cultures and periods.

In Design and Technology classes students learn to work cooperatively together to solve design problems and develop solutions.  Through hands on use of tools and technology, students work together to develop collaborative solutions.

High School

The Arts at BLIS are central to our mission and the Fine Arts are proud of the incredibly high level of work consistently produced by our students.  In grades 9 and 10, Art and Design students are encouraged to develop their own personal responses to interpretive prompts.  Through research, observation and both conceptual and analytic thinking students gain confidence as they develop their individual expressive skills.  There is a focus on the development of technical skills in both 2D and 3D media as well as developing a process of reflection and refinement of work from initial idea to final solution.  Both open ended creative tasks and practical design solutions are practiced in preparation for the IGCSE Art and Design exam, which student may elect to take in Grade 10.

In grades 11 and 12 students may elect to take the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts diploma program, a rigorous 2 year course which extends and develops the skills learned in grades 9 and 10.  Students are expected to produce a variety of both 2D and 3D art works developed in conjunction with research and analysis of artist, both past and present.

While keeping a workbook which document their research, investigation and develop student create a portfolio which is externally graded by IB examiners and presented locally at Festival of the Arts.  A focus on individualism and investigation allows student to develop and refine their own creative voice.