Drama Program Mission Statement: To promote drama as a core discipline that develops transdisciplinary and lifelong skills of creativity, inquiry, communication, collaboration and community.

The IB Learner Profile frames early experiences in the arts at BLIS and remains a foundation for classroom experience throughout our PK-12  drama  education.
Pre K-4 Primary Drama
The key focus for the primary drama experience is to provide the child with the opportunity to experience the power of the imagination and the art of possibility. Through imaginative adventures,  the creative realms  are explored while learning interpersonal skills and improving oral communication. The sensory experiences of childhood provide an abundant playground filled with stories, events, spaces and materials that are explored through creative play to find possibilities and potential in themselves and the world around them.
Grade 5-8 Middle School Drama
The key focus for middle school drama is learning to communicate the experiences and the understandings that emerge from drama as inquiry. Drama is approached as a series of questions: Where do stories come from?  How can I tell a story? How do we tell and show stories through theatre? How can these stories help us all to better understand the world? Inquiry into these questions drives our learning, stimulates curiosity and  expands our awareness of our world and those who share it.
Grades 9-12 High School Drama
In high school our  learning focuses on students’ emerging expertise in making theatre. Dramatic activities and projects provide students with the opportunity to develop theatre making skills and pursue particular interests with those who share their passion. Through using the process of  theatre to communicate ideas, young people are empowered to transform thought into action through art. They experience  expression through collaborative action and discover the power of collective endeavor to activate change.


2015-2016 High School Performance: Argonautika


“Sing in us, oh Muse, the story of Jason and his Argonauts, how he was sent away on the first voyage of the world to bring back the Golden Fleece.”

A talented BLIS cast and crew of twenty wove a magical tale of adventure and romance, encountering tyrants and monsters, in the high school production of Argonautika. Jason and his Argonauts, aided by the goddesses Hera and Athena and the young sorceress Medea, took a theatrical voyage that tested their strength, cunning, resilience, loyalty and talents. The young theatre artists triumphed, playing to sold out houses on the 14 and 15 of January in our Black Box Theatre.

2015-2016 Middle School Performance: Monkey Magic