english academic 2014


We begin a foundation of English comprehension and oral proficiency with our youngest students in pre-kindergarten, and continue with developing their reading and writing skills through units of inquiry in our PYP program.

The Primary Years Programme promotes a rich environment of language-based activities and learning objectives, with students working on projects both collaboratively and independently. Our students’ ability to acquire knowledge and express their views is reinforced with the reading, writing, and critical thinking lessons encountered daily in our curriculum.


Grades 5 to 8:

The English program for grades five, six, seven and eight is designed to expand each student’s ability to communicate effectively through reading writing, speaking, and listening. A thematic approach, using a variety of literature-based strategies enables the student to incorporate these necessary skills in all areas of the curriculum (i.e. social studies, science, mathematics, and foreign languages). There is a strong emphasis to develop a high level of proficiency in each of these fundamental areas, as each contributes to the academic growth and achievement of the individual student.

The central focus of the English program in the middle school is the development of the writing process with an emphasis on sentence construction and paragraph development. Literature is taught through novel study, literature circles, short stories, poetry and research units in order to develop effective reading and comprehension strategies. The value of reading as a lifetime skill is reinforced as well as the analysis of literary elements (i.e. plot, characterization, setting, point of view, and theme). Additionally, grammar, vocabulary and critical reading and writing skills are an essential part of the program.

This integrated language arts program provides the basis for literary analysis and focused discussions essential components for the work being done in the IGCSE program. The Middle School English program is a foundation for the skills and practices further developed and refined in the high school English programs.


Grades 9 to 12:

The High School English programs are rigorous courses of study leading to external examinations from two prestigious programs: the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (at the end of Grade 10) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (at the end of Grade 12).

Through focused writing and in-depth language study, students in the IGCSE program develop the skills necessary to understand the meaning and contexts of literary texts and explore texts beyond surface meanings to demonstrate deeper awareness of ideas and attitudes. Our Grade 9 and 10 students are assessed in two IGCSE qualifications: First Language English (Extended Curriculum), and English Literature.

Students in Grades 11 and 12 follow the IB Diploma Program course in Language A: English Literature, at either Standard Level or Higher Level. This course is designed to support future academic study by developing a high social, aesthetic and cultural literacy, as well as effective communication skills. In this course, focus is directed towards developing an understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism and promoting the ability to form independent literary judgments.

We also offer English Language & Literature at Standard Level, which introduces the critical study and interpretation of written and spoken texts from a wide range of literary and non literary genres. The formal analysis of texts is supplemented by awareness that meaning is not fixed but can change in respect to contexts of production and consumption.