Sports At BLIS

BLIS competes in ISSA, International School Sports Association, ISSA, for high school sports including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton.  These tournaments are hosted at the member schools and involve an annual tournament for each sport.

Locally in Ankara BLIS competes in the Ankara Sports Association, ASA in football, basketball and volleyball.  These tournaments include other local international schools in Ankara.

Middle School and Elementary School teams also compete in tournaments as appropriate and available.  Middle School sports include basketball and football.  Elementary School sports in recent years have been basketball and swimming.


BLIS has high school boys basketball, high school girls basketball,  middle school girls basketball and middle school boys basketball teams. The high school teams compete in local and international sports associations.

The Ankara Sports Association is made up of schools in Ankara and host a basketball tournament each season in Ankara.

The International Sports Association is comprised of schools from England, Spain, and Portugal and has an annual basketball tournament hosted at different schools.


BLIS has boys and girls high school volleyball teams that compete in the ASA and ISSA tournaments in the fall.  Students interested in playing should meet with coaches at the beginning of the school year.

BLIS girls’ volleyball is one of the most popular activities in the entire school. This program started 11 years ago, and has been going on since that day.  Varsity girls’ volleyball is the very first team who won first place at our International league ISSA in 2010. The season for the girls’ volleyball team starts by the beginning of school and ends after the International tournament in November.

Practices restart in March and the team plays in invitational tournaments.


Football (Soccer) is a very popular sport at BLIS.  The school has boys and girls middle school football teams that play in the Mediterranean Cup tournament in Italy.  The boys and girls high school football teams compete in the ASA tournament in Ankara and in ISSA tournaments internationally.