Why Choose BLIS?

Achieving the Highest International Standards

Bilkent Laboratory & International School (BLIS) offers students an educational program of the highest national and international academic standards. The educational activities of our school foster the development of ethical values and behavior leading to exemplary citizenship in the community, nation and world. The curriculum promotes academic, aesthetic, physical and social growth encouraging the students to inquire independently, evaluate and acquire knowledge critically and respect diversity. As a result, we anticipate exceptionally high performance from our students in the university and beyond.

In 1984, Bilkent University was founded by Prof. İhsan Doğramacı as the first private university in Turkey. With the aim of expanding excellence in education, BLIS opened in 1993 (originally founded as Bilkent University Preparatory School). In 1997, Bilkent International School was added as a division to welcome international students. In 2009, the establishment of Bilkent Laboratory School was approved by an act of Parliament, creating a unique category of “laboratory schools” to offer educational excellence within Turkey. Bilkent Laboratory & International School has a formal working relationship with the Bilkent University Graduate School of Education, creating a center of excellence in elementary and secondary education and research.

Respecting Diversity

At BLIS, we develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding, respect and action. We promote international-mindedness among the members of our school community. International-mindedness is embodied in our implementation of the IB Learner Profile, which challenges students to be communicators in multiple languages, principled in their promotion of international justice, risk-takers in the spirit of exploring new cultures, knowledgeable about world issues, thinkers about complex problems, caring and committed to service, inquirers about the world, open-minded toward other perspectives, balanced in their approach to life, and reflective about their own personal development.

We not only value international-mindedness in theory, but also actively foster it by providing students with rich opportunities to learn about world issues and to become involved in activities that encourage responsible global citizenship. We value the diversity within our own school’s community; we also become aware of the diversity in the world around us.

Anticipating Exceptionally High Performance

There are approximately 1000 students enrolled in Bilkent Laboratory & International School. While the majority of our students are Turkish, many have lived abroad and have dual citizenship. Our international students come from over 15 countries around the world. The diversity of our student body creates a rich multi-cultural environment for learning.

The internationalism at BLIS is celebrated throughout the year. Our curriculum supports international-mindedness; all students study multiple languages and develop global perspectives. Our students make lasting friendships with classmates from all over the world.

Our students are selected and characterized by a desire to learn and to meet the challenges of a demanding academic program. Most of the students graduate from BLIS with a bilingual IB Diploma and a solid foundation for success at leading universities throughout the world.