Children’s Day in Pre Kindergarten

On Friday the 21st April, Pre-Kindergarten celebrated Children’s Day. Our students’ parents came to school and the children sang ‘Arkadasim Esek’, ‘23 nisan kutlu olsun’ and an original song written by Ms. Begum ‘Children’s Day’. We also danced together after our performance. For the remainder of the day, the children played together and had their faces painted.



During 5-9 December, all BLIS Elementary School students celebrated Hour of Code Week in ICT Class hours. Each grade attended enjoyable coding activities, like the whole World, according to their levels.

Coding improves students’ algorithmic thinking skills and provide deep understanding of how computers and related devices work. Therefore, students’ problem solving skills are also improved accordingly.

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Tempo Theatre

On the 29th November we went to the 97 building to watch Haluk Yuce perform a show for the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. The show discussed how a flower grows from a seed and the things it needs; water from rain, sunshine. We also learned that we need each other to help us to grow too.

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