Working @ BLIS

Peaceful Campus Living

Bilkent is located about 15 kilometers (10 miles) from Ankara city center and is connected to downtown Ankara by an hourly free bus service.

Bilkent occupies more than 500 hectares (1,200 acres) of land, of which large amounts are dedicated green space. Located on the separate East Campus, our beautiful school has attractive landscaping and views overlooking the capital city.

The campus is a peaceful oasis secluded from the fast-growing urban sprawl, yet the city center is easily accessible by bus, car or taxi.

Our recently remodeled apartments on East Campus have an international mix of faculty members from our school, Bilkent University and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra. It is a welcoming social environment. Within walking distance is the main university campus, large green space areas, a sports center and a modern shopping mall complex.

Exotic Turkey

The center of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, exotic Turkey is a place where East meets West. An historian’s playground, Turkey is fascinating, fast-changing, full of surprises and paradoxes.

Fashionably dressed women walk alongside conservatively covered friends. Historically, people of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths have lived peacefully for hundreds of years. Modern shopping malls and donkey-pulled fruit carts are common sights.

Banking systems are modern, transportation options are comfortable, and the recreation/tourism opportunities are unparalleled.

Turkish food is one of the five great cuisines of the world. The country spans Europe and Asia, with a bridge (figurative and real) connecting the two.

With more Roman ruins than Rome and more Greek ruins than Greece, Turkey has an unsurpassed collection of UNESCO world heritage sights. Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Troy, Bodrum (Halicarnassus), Antalya, and the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean Seas are all popular destinations.

Modern airports make international travel to Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia convenient and affordable.

Modern Ankara

Ankara is the capital of the modern Turkish Republic. With an elevation of 1,000 meters, Ankara has four distinct seasons: sunny dry summers, crisp gentle autumns, cool snowy winters, and gentle spring rains.

Shopping ranges from air-conditioned modern malls to bustling open-air markets where bargaining is a cultural experience. Traditional services and products are often quite affordable, while others may be comparable to European prices.

Ankara serves as a transportation hub for the country, with a large modern airport, bus stations, and train stations that make traveling throughout Turkey comfortable and convenient.

As the capital of the modern Republic, Ankara hosts the presidential palace, the Grand National Assembly, and other important sights of the national government. In contrast, the city also has historical sights such as the Ankara Castle, Roman ruins, and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

There are several excellent and inexpensive performance locations for classical music. In addition, the city offers jazz clubs, discos, opera, dance, drama, and current English-language movies. From historical sights and modern museums, to traditional Turkish baths and modern health clubs, Ankara is a city waiting to be explored.

Competitive Compensation

Our compensation program enables us to attract and sustain a high-quality faculty. Qualifying teachers may earn free M.Ed. or Ph.D. degrees at Bilkent University. Orientation for new faculty begins in mid-August, classes start in early September. Faculty complete their obligations in late June. Please look at our attractive compensation package below:

√ Two-year contracts

√ Modest settling-in allowance

√ Shipping allowance

√ Free pre/post contract home transportation

√ Free furnished, attractive, safe campus housing

√ Visa assistance provided

√ Free comprehensive health and travel insurance

√ Free tuition for all resident dependents

√ Free professional development

√ Laptops issued to every teacher

√ Competitive salaries with all local taxes paid by employer

√ 20-50% savings potential

√ Retirement savings plan

√ Contract renewal bonus

Located in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, the university neighborhood of Bilkent offers convenient free hourly bus transportation to various locations in the city.  The local area also contains a selection of shopping and restaurants.