Guidance Counseling


Guidance Counseling Services present professional, systematic and psychological help to the students at BLIS.

The major aim of Guidance Counseling Services is to encourage students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development. To reach this aim, guidance counseling services help students get to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems. They also help students improve themselves in all areas and be full-functioning individuals. Counselors monitor students’ development and according to their needs they give students necessary support such as helping them to understand themselves and their needs, to solve their problems, to make realistic decisions, to improve their abilities and skills, and to adjust themselves and their environment in a healthy way.

While implementing guidance counseling services, showing respect to individual differences is essential. Continuity and willingness are vital in guidance, and also confidentiality is essential in psychological counseling.

In the guidance and counseling services, the student and his/her needs are in the center. While supporting him, counselors cooperate with the administrators, teachers, parents and the other staff members if it’s necessary.

Working with the teachers and administrators is another service which is given by the counselors. Preparing handouts, trainings for the faculty or contacting outside experts to get consultation and trainings; preparing handouts/trainings for the parents about parenting related topics or inviting outside experts to do the trainings can be defined under these services.

The programs that the Guidance and Counseling Services run are as follow:

  • Orientation Program
  • Growth and Development Program
  • How to Cope with Bullying
  • How to Cope with Peer Pressure
  • How Can I Improve My Organizational Skills?
  • Strategies for Effective Learning
  • Transition to Upper Grades / Divisions
  • Career Guidance
  • Social Skills Program

In the Light of Guidance Counseling Services’ major aims, you can find specific divisional information in the following tabs.


BLIS Elementary School Guidance Counseling Services

During elementary school students begin to develop their self-understanding (self-awareness and self-acceptance), emotion identification, academic self-concept and their feelings of competence and confidence as learners. They also build decision making, communication, friendship building and interpersonal skills, as well as acquiring attitudes toward school, study habits, peers-social groups and family. As Elementary Counseling Service, our goal is to foster this growth by creating and implementing a comprehensive developmental school counseling program which enhances the knowledge, attitudes and skills that our students acquire in the competencies of academic, personal, social and career development.

The essential elements of Elementary Counseling Service can be summarized as follows:

Working with children
Assessment of individual students is the major role of the counselor. For this reason, the elementary counselor observes the students in the school setting, makes individual and group counseling interventions when needed, prepares and conducts developmental and preventive counseling services focusing on personal and intellectual development of students (e.g. peace education, coping with bullying, friendship building skills, conflict resolution skills, problem solving skills, social skills counseling programs). Individual, small-group, personal, and crisis counseling are available to all students.

Additionally, the elementary counselor is responsible for preparing PSE Lessons (Personal Social Education) to provide the students with knowledge of personal, social, academic, and career development. The PSE guidance curriculum consists of structured developmental experiences presented systematically through group activities in Pre K through Grade 4. Classroom teachers implement these lessons with the cooperation of counselor every week.

Working with parents
Consultation with parents is an important part of our support process as we all work together to create a safe and caring environment for students in and out of the school.

-When do you contact the school counselor?

  •   Academic, social and emotional concerns
  • Family transitions such as divorce, death or moving
  • Requesting evaluations
  • To inform the school of outside supports in place for your child

The elementary counselor also informs the parents about the development of their children in the school, conducts guidance sessions for parents to improve their parenting skills and enhance their relationships with their children when needed or requested.

Working with teachers and administrators
The elementary counselor collaborates with teachers and administration to identify barriers to academic and personal growth and develop interventions to address areas of need. We attach importance to identify the talents and uniqueness of each student as early as possible. Additionally, in-service trainings are given to the teachers when needed. Furthermore, Elementary Counselor Division work together with administrators and regular meetings are hold with the principals and vice principal to assist with identifying and resolving student issues, needs and problems.

Working with other experts
If required or requested, the elementary counselor refers resources outside of school to help support our students. We contact with other professionals such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and special education experts when children have any kind of behavior problems or learning difficulties. Also, the counselor may bring an expert to the school to give in-service training to the school personnel when needed.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about services available or concerns you may have regarding your student.

Elementary Clinical Psychologist Contact Information:
Bengü YANARCA, MSc. (Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten)
+90 312 290 8222

Elementary School Psychologist Contact Information:
Melike AYBAR, MSc. (Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten)
+90 312 290 8222

Elementary School Psychologist Contact Information:
Huriye Gürleyük, MSc. (Grade 1 through 4)
+90 312 290 8910 

Elementary School Counselor Contact Information:
Ceren DİLEK ERDEM, MSc. (Grades 1 through 4)
+90 312 290 8913


BLIS Middle School Guidance Counseling Services

BLIS Middle School Guidance Counseling Services held its services as follows:

Psychological Counseling:  Individual and group counseling sessions are the content of psychological counseling. According to the students’ needs which are mentioned by their teachers, parents, or administrators, sometimes by the request of students, individual or group counseling sessions are held by the guidance counselors. The aims of individual counseling session are to get to know the students better, to identify their needs and to give support according to their needs. The guidance counselors can also have meetings with the students’ parents or teachers. The aims of these meetings are to be preventive about students’ needs and if it is necessary to discuss the intervention strategies with the relevant parties. According to the students’ needs, the guidance counselors also have group sessions with students for conflict resolution or to train them in social and emotional skills. To encourage new students’ orientation period to school, the guidance counselors also have individual counseling sessions with the students.

Monitoring and encouraging students’ development:  Collecting information about students’ development is the content of this heading. Administrative files, Counseling files, report cards, attendance records, parent and teacher conferences, individual counseling sessions with the students, any kind of inquiries or questionnaires that are implemented by the Guidance Counseling Services according to the students’ development are the major factors that are used by the guidance counselors to get to know the students. These records also used to monitor and encourage students’ development by the guidance counselors.

Communication and cooperation with parents and the others in relations (teachers, educators, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) It is essential for guidance counselors to communicate and cooperate with the students’ parents and the others in relations because when all the information is gathered together about a student, guidance counselors have a clear opinion about the student’s need. Either the guidance counselors can ask for a meeting about the student’s development or the student’s parents and teachers can. Parents may also ask for an appointment from the guidance counselors to discuss their child’s academic, social, emotional development or to give information about the changes in their family life or the changes in their child’s development. These meetings are confidential.

Educational Guidance: These are the services that are given to the students by the guidance counselors individually or as a group of student to improve their study skills, time management skills, learning strategies, growth and development.

PSE (Personal, Social Education) lesson is another content of Educational Guidance.  This lesson is from grade 5 to 8 in BLIS Middle School. The program of PSE lesson is structured and has been developed according to the students’ developmental needs. The major themes that are held in PSE lesson are educational achievement and development, interpersonal relations, family and community life, secure and healthy life, emotional development, career development and coping skills. Under the content of these major themes, there are subheadings such as study skills , problem solving & conflict resolution skills, respect to diversity, how to improve friendship, improving communication skills. PSE lessons are held by the homeroom teachers who are supervised by the guidance counselors. In the PSE lesson, there are also assemblies and presentations about variety of subjects which are held by the counselors or guest speakers.

Career Guidance: This service includes monitoring students’ career development and giving individual and group guidance to the students to identify their aptitudes, interests, abilities, skills and personality. Giving information about high school and occupations/ professions is also implemented under the content of this heading.

Middle School Guidance Counselors Contact Information:

Yasemin DURAK
290 82 89/ Office: Middle School Building, 103

Özlem OĞUZ, M.Sc.
290 82 83 / Office: Middle School Building, 300


BLIS High School Guidance Counseling Services

BLIS High School Guidance and Counseling service is committed to a student-centered developmental guidance and counseling program for every individual. The counselor serves as a resource to students, teachers and parents in meeting

  • personal,
  • emotional,
  • social,
  • educational
  • and career needs of our students.

This is accomplished through individual/ small group counseling sessions, classroom presentations, career guidance and Personal and Social Education (PSE) lessons to develop self-awareness, problem solving skills, communication skills, decision making skills, coping skills, anger management skills, time management skills etc. Special guest speakers are also invited to speak on relevant topics of concern at the secondary level.

This comprehensive guidance program supports personal and academic growth of each individual student in attaining their maximum potential by helping each student identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests and intellectual abilities.

Career Guidance
In high school we put more emphasis on career guidance. Career guidance activities carried out through various ways such as:

  • PSE activities:  Different PSE lesson plans and activities are prepared to help our students get a clear picture of who they are and what they want at this stage of their lives. Career planning process includes examining 4 aspects: Personality (What Makes Us Unique), Interests (What We Like/Dislike), Values (What’s Important To Us), Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (What We’re Good At).
  • Career tests: In various times, Personality Type and Career Interest related career tests are given to our students in Turkish and English. The results of these tests are discussed with our students in private counseling sessions.
  • Professions Day: “Professions Day” event is organized twice a year. While organizing the first one in the fall, we cooperate with Bilkent University academic staff. That’s why we call this day as “Bilkent University Day”. The second “Professions Day” is organized in spring with the help of our parents and graduates. During these events, Bilkent University academicians, our parents (from elementary to high school) and graduates make short presentations about their professions. The survey conducted with our high school students reveals that they enormously benefit from this activity.

Academic follow up system
In high school, we have rigorous academic programs (IGCSE and IB) and high academic expectations. Therefore, it is expected from the students to develop very good organizational skills, time management skills, note taking skills, listening skills etc. to be able to meet these expectations. In that sense, high school counselor works very closely with the administrators, IGCSE coordinator, IB coordinator, grade coordinators, subject teachers and the parents to follow up the academic development of the students and to identify their needs. Once their needs are identified, the counselor meets with each student to help them develop necessary skills and/ or develop a study plan for themselves.

Turkish University Entrance System
High school counselor gives information about the Turkish University Entrance System (ÖSYS) to the students and parents through seminars and individual meetings. “College Nights” is one of these informative meetings organized in the fall and spring semesters. During these College Nights, college counselor and high school counselor make presentations about university entrance systems and Universities in Turkey and abroad to our parents and students. Moreover, the process related with university applications to Turkish universities carried out by high school counselor, too.

Psychological Counseling
In high school; the physical, social and emotional changes in adolescence period, in addition to the high academic expectations, make life difficult for the high school students. Therefore, the high school counselor meets with the students regularly to check their needs. The counselor holds counseling sessions according to the needs of the students and sometimes asks for feedback from the teachers and parents to follow up the specific cases. In some situations, the counselor refers the students and their parents to an outside expert. It’s necessary to emphasize the importance of cooperation between parents and counselors which is crucial for the efficient fulfillment of counseling position. The parents are expected to contact the counselor anytime they need to talk about their child. Certainly, the personal information about the students and parents are kept confidential.

High School Guidance Counselor Contact Information:
+ 90 (312) 290 82 53